Squires is a program for boys between the ages of 9 and 12 years.  Squires meet once a month for a fun activity with friends and parents.  This program is designed as an introduction to the leadership organization, DeMolay.

Members of Knights of the Sun Chapter and Auburn Chapter (DeMolays) serve as "big brothers" for the Squires.


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Squires of the Round Table

The Order of the Squires of the Round Table was established in 1995 as a pledge for the International Order of DeMolay. It's mission is to allow young men from the ages of 8 through 12 to have an opportunity to participate in some of the fun activities with DeMolay, but not to be overwhelmed with the age differences and ritual work that is part of DeMolay.

A Brief History

The Squire organization increased rapidly throughout different jurisdictions after it was first established, and in June of 1997 the first Squire Manor in the world—Vancouver Manor from Vancouver, Washington—was invited to the International Supreme Council to make the declaration of Squires international.

The basic organization is called a "Manor." The reason why the Squires are known as the Squires of the Round Table is because when the organization was first being put together in Vancouver, Washington, the Squires didn't have anywhere to meet but in a card room gathered together around a round table. Each Squire Manor is sponsored by a DeMolay Chapter and under the direction of the Advisory Council of the sponsoring Chapter.

The Squires ceremonies were written by Dad Edgar Trefts of Washington and they were designed to be easy for the Squires to learn and read, and to teach moral lessons. The original book of ceremonies was written after the original Squires of Vancouver Manor expressed the important values to themselves and their parents (always be kind, get a good education, tell the truth, care about others, be fair, etc.). Dad Trefts put the whole Squire book of ceremonies together in just over four hours while watching a TV program about a young man with Leukemia who wrote a book about his "Quest for Life." The ceremonies borrow lessons quotes from Jobs Daughters, Rainbow, DeMolay and Eastern Star.

How a Manor Runs

There are up to seven Squire Officers, three of whom are elected by their peers. Elected Officers are Master Squire, Senior Squire, and Junior Squire. Appointed Officers are Squire Chaplain, Squire Marshall, Squire Recorder, and Squire Treasurer.

During each term of six months, the Master Squire should plan at least one fun activity and at least one fund raising activity. The events must be approved by the Sir Knight and the Dad/Mom Advisor.

A Dad/Mom Advisor, who is a member of the Chapter Advisory Council, must be present at all Squire meetings and functions. He or she should sit on the sidelines, and is mainly the advisor for the Sir Knight, allowing the Sir Knight and the elected officers to run the meeting.

The Sir Knight

The Squire Manor has a DeMolay who acts as their advisor. His title is the Sir Knight, and he is appointed by the Master Councilor of the Sponsoring DeMolay Chapter and approved by the Advisory Council of the Chapter. The Sir Knight sits to the left of the Master Squire's station. His main job to be a big brother of the Squires. His term parallels the DeMolay chapter, and he can serve more than one term if the Advisory Council and Master Councilor approve.

The Squire Emblem

The Squire emblem is a round circle emblematic of the Squires of the Round Table and is divided into four sections. The first section in the left-hand corner is a DeMolay emblem because if there was no DeMolay, there would be no Squires. In the upper right hand corner is a gavel, which represents the gavel of justice held by the Master Squire during the meetings. In the bottom left hand corner is a sword emblematic of the sword of truth held by the Senior Squire during the meetings. Last, in the lower right hand corner are the books of wisdom which are held by the Junior Squire during the meetings.

The State Squires

The Squire program includes state officers that serve as role models for other squires. The squires that serve in these positions perform ritual at state functions.

Squires Forms

Squires General Requirements
Maine Squires Form 10

Maine Squires Form 11
Squires Ritual
Squires Dues Card
Meeting Forms
Squires Release and Consent Form
Squires Application
Squires State Officer Application
Manor of the Year / Most Improved Manor Form

Contact Information

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