Member Privileges

Member Privileges

In DeMolay, the opportunity is yours.... make friends

DeMolay is like a big family.  You'll make some of the best friends you'll ever have thanks to DeMolay.  We offer so many things, there is bound to be someone that you can relate to in our organization. You'll find that all of our members will be happy to meet you and include you in our activities. travel

We take a lot of trips in DeMolay, mostly on weekends.  There are two state functions each year, one called Brotherhood Weekend in the fall and another called Conclave in the Summer. be a leader

DeMolay offers a lot of opportunities for leadership.  Chapter members plan their own events under the supervision of adult Advisors.  That means we do a lot of the planning and a lot of the work.  Organizing events requires someone to be "in charge".  The leader of the Chapter is called the "Master Councilor".  He is the DeMolay in charge of the Chapter for a term six months.  There are also leadership opportunities at the State and International level! have fun

Fun is what DeMolay is all about!  There is an element of fun in every event we have.  That's what makes DeMolay so great.  No matter what you're doing, if you're with your brothers, you can make even the most tiresome and boring task a whole lot of fun. make yourself better

While all the traveling, leadership, and fun is going on, DeMolays are becoming better men.  Everything we do focuses on our development into becoming good citizens and productive members of society.

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