Big Brother

Big Brother Program

The Big Brother program is the most important key in keeping prospective new members active once they have submitted their membership application. While there may be small variations from this outline due to individual situations in your chapter, all of the information below will help you develop and operate a good Big Brother program.

The Big Brother
A. A member who is active and know about DeMolay in your chapter.
B. Be around the same age as the petitioner, up to about two years older and should never be younger.
C. Should have transportation himself or be able to arrange it. NOTE: If the Big Brother has a license, Junior Operator restrictions may apply and it is expected that the Big Brother honor those restrictions accordingly.
D. All members of the chapter shall fill out the DeMolay Members Questionaire to enable the best match up for the Big Brother.

Purpose of the Big Brother
A. Start including the petitioner in appropriate chapter events even before his degrees.
B. Build the petitioner's interest and enthusiasm in joining.
C. Ensure the petitioner understands the process of initiation, gets involved in the chapter right away and stays active during the first year.
D. Begin building a sense of brotherhood we all share through actions ... not just talk.

At the Investigation
A. Have the petitioner fill out DeMolay Members Questionaire and turn it into the Investigation Committee.
B. Have the petitioner identify two friends for DeMolay membership.

Responsibilities prior to the Initiatory Degree
A. Explain the history of your chapter.
B. Inform the candidate of his election to receive his degrees.
C. Meet or speak with parents and invite them to attend the degrees.
D. Introduce candidate to other members at all activities.
E. Give phone reminder of activities, and make sure candidate gets on the chapter phone list/tree.
F. Be with him prior to the degree to answer questions.

Responsibilities between degrees
A. Explain what he saw in the Initiatory Degree and it’s meaning-immediately afterwards.
B. Explain the obligation and begin helping him memorize it.
C. Be with him prior to the DeMolay Degree to answer questions.
D. Go over step, sign, token, and word of emulation before the chapter meeting.
E. Go over the raps of the gavel, how to kneel in prayer, the response to the Nine O’clock Interpolation and word of the day.

Responsibilities after degrees
A. Give him new member packet.
1. Chapter Phone List

2. Chapter Contacts (Councilors, Dad Advisor, Chairman of the Advisory Council)

3. Chapter E-mail list

4. List of links to DeMolay websites. (DeMolay International, Massachusetts DeMolay, and local chapter site if available)

5. DeMolay literature (DeMolay in a Nutshell, Here is your key….etc.)

6. Three membership petitions

7. Ritual book

8. Flyers of upcoming events (D.U., Congress, Sports Tourney’s….etc

B. Explain what he saw and why it is part of his initiation.

C. Practice password and sign.
D. Get a committee assignment from the Master Councilor if available.
E. Help him with memory work until proven up.
F. Encourage him to attend every chapter meeting.

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