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The DeMolay Varsity Club Initiative
July 01, 2014 to June 30, 2015


What:  Internal marketing and motivation program for active membership and advisory council members.  

Mission:   Create enthusiasm and fellowship for the organization as well as provide opportunity for all members to become active, engaged, and ultimately an “owner” of their chapter experience.  As an acknowledgment of their efforts they will be deemed to have “lettered” in DeMolay.  

Quarterly measurement – “90 Day clock” - Need to perform/complete a task in each of the five (5) areas listed below.   “Clock” resets at beginning of new calendar quarter.  No carryovers

Program Commences – July 1, 2014 – thru June 30, 2015

Qualifications - Active Member:

LEADERSHIP:       * Mentor a New Member (e.g. – Proficiency coach)

                         * Teach the Chapter Members a new skill – (Presentation/submit online)

                         * Leadership Position – Councilor or Committee Chairman

INVOLVEMENT:    * Attendance - Six meetings and 2 other chapter events


PLANNING:          * Activities – New event or New event to you as the Chairman

                            (Lead & Plan)


NEEDS FULFILLMENT:     * One new Member or One new Advisor

                  *Masonic or Community engagement/service


KNOWLEDGE:              * Complete & pass Leadership Correspondence Course (LCC)

                                 * Complete & earn Representative DeMolay award (RD)

                                 * Become proficient in new ritual part. -Perform at meeting or

                                    public event.


Qualifications - Advisory Council Member:


NEEDS:                      * Recruit brand new advisor to chapter council.  No “retreads” 

       (New advisor must pass background check and have filed all                      necessary paperwork and fees.)


INVOLVEMENT:       Lead and work with Chapter member to create and execute on a

                            brand new event/activity to Chapter and advisor.                                     

Awards:                 Certificates & “D” Letter shipped out upon completion and certification

Jackets:                 Available for purchase at D.I. store.


Varsity Club Achievement Reporting Form


June 26, 2015 to June 28, 2015


JUNE 26, 27 & 28



enlightened Get your registration done for Conclave.  Please look at the registration guide before registering.  Note there are SEPERATE registration forms for DEMOLAY, ADVISORS AND GUESTS.  Make sure you use the right form and fill in ALL the information.  Please bring a completed MEDICAL Release form with you to Conclave.





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